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How carders work and how not to become their victim

Awareness is the best defense against any scammer. Most often, their actions are based on banal ignorance of people and their naivety. In order not to accidentally tell the fraudsters your card number, you need to know — almost never real bank employees will call you on their own. If this happened, then it is better to interrupt the conversation and independently call the number from the bank’s website.
Most likely, bank employees will tell you that no suspicious transactions have been noticed, and that scammers have just called.
But not always everything can be solved so easily. In some cases, carders buy information about the card and its holder in the «cc shop» or «dumps shop». In this case, they already have some of the information, thanks to which it will be easier for fraudsters to mislead naive people.
For greater security, set a limit on the withdrawal of funds on your cards and try not to use the card on unknown sites. These few simple steps can make it very difficult for attackers to work.

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