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How carders work, how not to become a victim

More than 80% of credit card debits in Russia occur after their owners independently disclose information about the card, codes from SMS, and their personal data. Terrifying statistics show that the bank’s clients trust experienced fraudsters and only help them find out everything they need.
Almost every user of personal accounts in the bank has the same passwords in different social networks. So, if at least one of them is hacked, the password can simply go to the personal account in the bank.
If the necessary information is in the hands of hackers, they start selling it in the «cc shop», «cvv shop», «cvv store». It is there that carders buy it in order to pay with other people’s cards for purchases on the Internet or cash out in another way.
In some cases, they may need a confirmation code, they will call the cardholder and by any means will try to get them to tell these few numbers.
Knowing the algorithm of the attackers’ actions, you can recognize their work at any stage and prevent them from writing off the money.

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