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How carders work in 2020

According to statistics, in just a few days on the Internet, there are tens of thousands of requests such as: “cvv shop”, “cc shop”, “cvv shop lv”, “best site to buy cvv”, “buy cc for carding”. Most often, such requests are made by carders who are trying to buy credit card data and by any means misappropriate the money on the balance sheet.
Residents of other countries almost always become victims of carders from the CIS. Fraudsters deliberately try not to touch their compatriots, because if they report the loss of money to the police, the chance of being discovered will increase significantly. In the event of theft of money from foreign cards, official inquiries almost never reach the Russian police. In this territory, carders feel practically unpunished.
Nevertheless, Russian bank clients also have something to fear. Over the past year, carders have reduced the accounts of Russian citizens by several billion. Moreover, according to information from statistical organizations, in more than 80% of cases, users themselves gave out information to cybercriminals.
Be vigilant and never react to any requests, suggestions, messages from strangers.

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