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How carding has changed and how dangerous it is now

Carding as a type of fraud appeared in the 90s. Since then, the industry has undergone incredible changes that have brought it to its current form. It has become very difficult to write off money from other people’s cards, but attackers are actively using all possible loopholes and naivety of ordinary people.
An experienced carder only needs to get a few digits from your card to complete a purchase in an online store. This is the card number, CVV code on the reverse side, card expiration date. It is very easy to lose them. For example, some people do not notice that they pay not on the official website, but on an exact copy of the resource, which is no different.
But not always card data is used immediately. This is especially true when hackers get thousands of credit card data at once. They put them in the cvv shop, cc shop, cvv store, where carders of various backgrounds buy them and use them for their own personal gain.
Most often, to make a payment or enter a personal account, scammers need a code from an SMS message. To get it, attackers call the victim and introduce themselves as security, support, and police. After competent manipulations or threats, many agree to share the code. This should never be done.

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