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Several rules to save money from scammers

Bank card fraud is breaking records. You can buy data for payment in cvv shop, cc shop, which any carder has access to. Experts named several rules, compliance with which significantly increases the chances of saving your money from fraudsters.
Beware of suspicious emails and calls. If you received an SMS from an unknown number with a link, it is better not to follow it, even out of curiosity. Chances are good that this message was sent for a reason.
If you got a call, then it is better not to communicate with strangers and not tell them anything. Call the bank yourself at the number on the official website. Most likely, you will be told that it was the scammers who just called.
If you sell something on message boards, then be careful. Your phone number and name goes public. Also, scammers can try to get money from you under various pretexts (delivery, payment for a purchase, a deposit).
Mindfulness and caution are the main weapons against intruders.

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