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What do carders do and where do they get the data they need?

In today’s world, banks have come up with several lines of defense for their customers and their credit cards. Confidential information cannot be found out by accident or effortlessly to steal money from an account.
But there are scammers who tirelessly bypass all security measures and try to get money from the credit cards of ordinary citizens. These are carders. Where do they get the information and personal data of cardholders if they are reliably protected by banks?
The easiest way is to buy data from the Internet. They enter the network after hacking into banks, major websites and payment systems. For the convenience of cybercriminals, entire sites like «cvv store», «cc shop», «cvv shop» work. Here, for affordable money, carders take confidential data.
And in some situations, unlucky users themselves tell the cherished numbers in a telephone conversation or enter them on exact copies of sites. In all cases, the outcome is the same — the loss of funds from the account.
Once again, we warn you, take precautions and do not tell anyone the card number or the code on the reverse side without special need, call the hotline number yourself if you are called from an unknown number.

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