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Why banks hardly protect us from fraudsters

Almost all clients of any bank are sure that they are not afraid of fraudsters, because the funds are protected by the bank and its security service. But in most cases of theft of funds, nothing can be done with the loss. And all responsibility lies with the cardholder.
According to statistics, the police and banks help to recover only 12% of the funds stolen by fraudsters. Almost all of these cases are explained by the fact that the theft occurred solely through the fault of the bank and its employees.
But where did the carders get our card data? The thing is that hacker attacks periodically happen on the network, after which attackers receive card numbers, passwords from offices and other confidential information. After that, it is sold in «cvv shop», «cc shop», «cvv store» and any carder can buy it.
That is why we must take care of the safety of data on our own, do not buy anything on dubious sites and certainly do not communicate with unknown persons by phone.

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