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Why do scammers ask for a code from SMS

In the modern world, you just need to know the basic information about carders. These are scammers who steal funds from the cards of ordinary citizens. Sometimes they make purchases in online stores for someone else’s funds, and sometimes they try to cash out the contents of the card in other ways.
Usually, the data of other people’s cards gets to attackers after hacker attacks. As a result of such an attack, the entire bank database may end up in the possession of carders. For “dump cvv”, “cvv shop”, “carding cvv”, “cvv store”, “card dumps”, dozens of sites selling stolen credit card information can be found on the darknet.
After purchasing the necessary information, scammers most often try to contact cardholders by number and ask them for more information.More data. For example, the code from SMS. With its help, you can not only transfer funds one-time or buy something, but also get access to your personal account.
If the attackers succeed in this, they try not only to take the money, this is a matter of technology, but also to issue a loan for the victim. Surprisingly, sometimes it works! Knowing all the intricacies of online approval of applications, carders try to take as much money as possible from each victim.
That is why experts in the field of computer security strongly recommend not to communicate with unknown persons by phone, and even more so not to give them any information.

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